Chapter I

The beginning of a Gypsy star :

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About a project:

Our project is the story of a feisty Gypsy. First chapter is about how he became a cool guy that everyone wants to meet. Next chapters tell about his adventures. Are you looking forward to it?

So for starters – our Gypsy stole loot from the Russians using a tractor. Are you curious what was among them? Check out the #sneak-peek channel on our Discord to find out. The art concept includes a strong touch of humor (!) However, the project includes plenty of innovative solutions and utilities that will turn your view of NFT’s value upside down.

Our key goal is to create a close-knit and engaged Community whose activities will be aimed at developing and growing the value of tokens. We want You to harvest from the Gypsy life. That’s why the project consists of a well-thought-out Tokenomics strategy developed by the strong gypsy heads. As long as we have the support of a Gypsy fairy who predicts the future, we know what to do. You are yet to meet her… Details coming soon, so stay with us!




White List

art foundation

Our 4,000 NFT collection was invented by art enthusiasts. It combines a semi-satirical way of depicting current events with elements of abstraction.

The collection is made up of well over 200 features. As many as 9 variable layers that blend together make each character completely different! Many times, one of the Team members woke up in the middle of the night with loads of crazy ideas.

That’s why You can have both a gypsy who steals a tank and is dressed in military garb, and his alter-ego – wrapped in stretch tape holding money next to a tractor pulling a gas pipeline straight out of the ground.



Our road map differs from all others. In fact we shouldn’t call it a ‘road map’ but a movie script. The stages of NFT’s growth are divided into chapters, which tell a different story of our Gypsy’s life. Each chapter is described in detail on our Discord. Take a look if you want to find out what utilities we have prepared.

Join our Community and be part of the story!

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Meet the team

Rafal Wawrylo

Rafal is the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end, the tip of the iceberg and the operational brain of the project, the CEO, the creator, the savior. Of course, we can’t give him all the credit, because without the rest of the Creators, our ecosystem would be like a balloon. Rafal makes sure the backbone of the Gypsy Star stands straight, mints the Team’s ideas, and stays in touch with the Moon. Thanks to his secret powers we could share our Gypsy with the Community (boring). He is morbidly stubborn and extremely irritating when he should finish what he has started. Once he starts doing something – do not try to distract him with something else! Surely this can be diagnosed by a good psychologist…. Genius or psychopath? Closely associated with financial markets and the crypto market. Experienced economist, owner of a cryptocurrency exchange, investor. He translates his experience and knowledge into a project to become one in which he would invest himself.

Michal Gerlach


3xM. Michal Gerlach is a Movement Director. Michal specializes in fashion and film. Michal grew up in street dance culture (breakdance) and expanded his experience by drawing from different movement/dance techniques (founder of a dance crew ). He graduated in architecture, which largely shaped his unconventional view of movement in the industry and his sensitivity to unique angles and structures. All this has allowed him to contribute extraordinary work for magazines such as Vogue CS, Vogue Portugal, Vogue Arabia, Numero and Elle. Michal also builds roles for actors and is responsible for the movement-creative layer of campaigns for the world’s biggest brands. Michal brings fresh ideas to our ecosystem as he is responsible for Art Direction of the project. As the first and last director he cares for the character of our Gypsy (gesture, smile, look ;)) and prepares him for the Oscar role which you will see on your screens soon

Karla Pejko


Karla is an unconventional lawyer with a clear love for dancing, good food and spontaneous ideas. With her feminine multi-tasking skills, imagination and endless patience, she decided to complete the Team. Karla is the Themis of the project – goddess and personification of justice, divine order, fairness, law and custom in our ecosystem. She owes her career to hard work and persistence. Sound familiar? No it’s not a clipping from a resume, it’s the facts themselves. In the industry she works in, it is said that everyone has to endure. But thanks to that she is an attorney-at-law with experience in tax, involved in the process of creating modern IT tools for major players on the market. Designing such solutions requires not only extensive knowledge, but also far-reaching creativity. Have you ever heard about cooperation between a lawyer and a developer? Well, such a situation is not common, especially in her industry. So how did she manage to do it? Well, so that you can see for yourself – Gypsy will fly really high.

Michal Batruch

Michal is our twisted firestarter, danger illustrated, a gypsy stars creator and our main graphic designer. He is our brush to our canvas. He’s the one to blame for the visual aspect of our tokens. Michal is actually two persons from multiverse. Very much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde – during daytime he’s a fund manager in one of the largest global banks, but at night he turns into a freelance illustrator that helps us bring our twisted ideas to life. Michal wants to squeeze life like lemons to make a lemon-flavored vodka from it. That’s why he tried multiple directions in his education, starting with informatics, through architecture and ending with New Media Arts at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. He’s addicted to good movies and classic RPG games and he will undoubtedly try to jam his love to them into our project here and there.



A group of friends, distinguished by their creativity. Successful in their professional careers. One fine day they went to eat Pelati tomato pizza together. Bombs were roaring on their phone screens.
"- Something had to be done.
- What do you mean?
- Something to help. On the other hand, you know, to give hope and something positive in all this s..it."
That's how Our idea was born.
In the fit of inspiration and in order to commemorate the heroic fight against the aggressor, we created a unique NFT collection, whose main character is the Gypsy Star. Gypsy never leaves his tractor. It's his weapon.
The project is about telling the story of our hero, Gypsy Star. We accompany him on every stage of his journey. Frame by frame.
We want the value of each NFT to grow steadily, just like the value of $GPSY built through sustainability. We want to motivate our Community to spend their tokens on more interesting goals - often more profitable than the desire for "passive" income.
We are constantly analyzing what environment will be best for our Gypsy Star. It will definitely be the SOLANA ($SOL) ecosystem. We will provide more details soon.

These are some of the first users of our server and people with a desire to provide invaluable help. They have a real impact on the development of the project.

We are still working on it. You will find out soon!


We are planning our MINT in the SOLANA ecosystem.

We stay in touch with Magic Eden to MINT our collection on Launchpad. We will soon share with you information about Gypsy’s marketplace where you can shop.

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